How PMoneyReward Works?

By completing tasks offered by our advertisers, you will earn a good amount of Points. Points are going to help you to earn free PayPal money without any effort.

You can do the below activities and Points. Later you can redeem these Points to get free PayPal money from us.

Getting Started

The first step you need to follow to earn some PayPal money from our website is to sign in.

You have to make an account on PMoneyReward using your email address. You can use any email address, and nothing else is required.

Play Games

If you have created an account and are ready to earn money, why not play games offered by us?

On our website, you will be provided different easy games to play, which is also fun. You can play those games, and it will hardly take your 10 minutes.

Fill Surveys

Have you ever filled a survey of any random product? Yes, that is exactly what you have to do.

There are few surveys where the questionnaire will be given, and the user has to write their thoughts about the product or the service.

Write Reviews

Review writing is fun, but what if you are getting paid for the same? It will be more interesting than usual. In such cases, you can never get overwriting the reviews.

You have to write a review of the product or service and submit it. That’s all is required.

Download Apps

Do you own a smartphone? If yes, then you qualify for the round of downloading apps given by us. There will be some apps which you have to download to earn some points from us.

You can download those apps, and you also have to keep them for a few days or weeks accordingly.