You must be thinking how does that whole process done as there are so many scam websites these days and people often get confused between the two. So for your better understanding, here is the guide for all of you about how does our website Pmoney reward works.

By doing all of these activities offered by our publishers, you will be able to earn some good amount of points. And these points are going to help you to earn your PayPal money without any effort. You can simply do these activities and earn money. Yes, it’s that simple.

Sign in

So the very first step you need to follow to earn some PayPal money from our website is to sign in simply. It is very simple and easy. You just have to make an account on our website using your email address. You can use any email address and nothing else is required.

Play games

If you have created an account and is ready to earn money with us, then why not to play games offered by us? Yes, in our website, you will be offered different easy games to play which also be very fun games. You can play those games and it will hardly take your 10 minutes.

We never close

We monitor every account 24/7 to prevent fraud. If something seems suspicious, our dedicated team will stand by you.

Fill survey

Ever filled a survey of any random product? Yes, that is exactly you have to do. There are few surveys where the questionnaire will be given and the user just have to write their thoughts about the product or the service. Just make sure to fill the survey. You can write anything. The aim is to complete the survey.

Write reviews

Review writing is fun. But what if you are getting paid for the same? It will be more interesting than usual. In such cases, you can never get over from writing the reviews. You just have to write a review of the product or service and submit it. that’s all is required.

Download apps

Do you own a smartphone? If yes, then you qualifies the round of downloading apps given by us. There will be some apps which you have to download in order to earn some points from us. You can download those apps and you also have to keep them for few days or weeks accordingly.

Watch videos

Video watching is what you usually do even if you are not getting paid for it. You watch videos and earning money for the same can be no less than a wonder. But here, we will be telling you about the videos you have to watch. Even if you just put the screen on, it will be enough.

Like, follow

Social media is what we all use. And if you use that, you know how to like and follow things, pages and events. You have to do the same. You will be given some task where you just have to give your one like which will take around a second or two. And that’s it. You might be asked to re share something which also wouldn’t be tough at all.

Be active

And the key thing is to be active. Yes, you need to be very active on the website. Even if you are busy someday and you don’t want to complete any task, just simple log in to the website once and for the same, you will be given some points. So what is better than this?

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