About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of people and can be referred to as a team of experts behind this innovative idea of making people earn free PayPal money in exchange for Points that you can earn very easily.

Earning free PayPal money has never been easy for any of us. It took us years to reach where we are now.

Earning money has never been so simple. But if you are with us, if you trust us, you can for sure earn some money without making any extra effort.

Our Mission:

The aim has always been to reach the maximum number of people and let them know that PMoneyReward is always available to earn money without digging the mountain.

It is easy, it is reliable, and most importantly, it is legit. You can trust us. We are not making people fool here. Suppose you want to try; simply log in and try it for once. You will surely get to know it.