What is Pmoney Reward?

If you are waiting for an app which can make you earn money by doing almost those tasks that you have been probably doing for free since ages, then you have landed on the right place. Our website, Pmoney reward is the one for you.

It is more like a win win platform to all those users who wants to earn money but doesn’t like to do hectic work or if you are a student who wants to earn some pocket money to spend on your leisure things. To all those people be it a 9-5 job one, a student, a home maker, or even to an unemployed, this opportunity is nothing less than a golden chance to earn money for literally free.

But nothing in this world comes for free and hence, you have to do some basic tasks and earn the money for yourself. For getting started on our website, all you need is half an hour a day and a valid and working PayPal account to get money in. that’s it. If you have it, congratulations, you are in with us.

How to earn Pmoney Reward?

If you do have a PayPal account ready and you are also ready to get started with us, then it is the time to know how to earn money from Pmoney reward. It is not tough as you thought it would be or as tough as other things in life are. It is quite a simple task, but you just have to spend some time and keep doing it.

There are many tasks to offer. You can choose any or all and complete them. These are the basic things that you would have done for free as well. However, nothing can be better than getting some money for the things you were working for same. You can complete the tasks like playing different games for some time which we would ask for, completing a survey we are asking for, writing a review, watching a video, and other such tasks.

Those tasks are not just easy but very quickly done one too. You don’t have to spend hours on completing these simple tasks. You can just do it by giving your 10 minutes a day too. They are simple, quick and very convenient for most of all. So if you are ready, you can simply get started.

reward dashboard

How to redeem Pmoney reward?

Once you have completed tons of tasks with us, this is the time to get paid for it. Yes, you will get paid for the work you have done, the games you have played and even for the surveys you have completed. For all of these, you will get paid by us.

For getting the money, you need to share your PayPal details with us. And don’t worry, we are totally safe and you won’t be cheated for sure. Also, you need to complete few points and once you have done that, you can then simply exchange those points into the reward which is money that you will get in your PayPal account every time you complete a set of point and exchange it with money.

Provided gift cards

$20 PayPal money

We offer different amount of PayPal money. If you want to earn and grab $20 in your PayPal account without any issue at all. For this, you have to earn around 2000 points and exchange it.

$50 PayPal money

If you are not looking for earning small amount, then you can easily earn more than just few $$. you can even earn $50 straight to your PayPal account by exchanging around 5000 points for that.

$100 PayPal money

Now this is something big. If you are aiming for the big, we still have got something for you. You can earn $100 PayPal money into your account but for that, you need to exchange around 10000 points.

About PmoneyReward

If you are not convinced with our services, then here are some services that we ensure of. let’s have a look at them-

Account protection

You don’t have to worry about sharing your details with us because we are no thief at all. Your information is safe with us. Also, by asking for your PayPal account details, we never ask for the passwords. You just have to provide the basic email address so that we can send the money. Apart from that, no other information is needed.

Handling chargebacks

We are no new comers in this field. We have got the expertise with us. Apart from the expertise, we have a big team of experts and tools which will help you in resolving a chargeback. No matter if it is regarding any unauthorised transaction or about a buyer who did not receive what they were looking for from us. We cover it all.

We never close

Irrespective of your working hours, your country and your time zone, you can reach to us anytime. And by saying anytime, we literally mean anytime. We always work. You can reach to us 24*7. we have a big team of 3,000 experts working for you all the time. So if you have something to complaint about, you can ask us, email us or contact us and we will get back to you.

world class security

We have invested a lot while developing this website for you. From it’s interface to its security, everything is being made with focus, dedication and no backhole. You can expect it to be safe and secured for all of our users.

Identity protection

The one of the biggest crime growing in the world is cyber crime and among it, identity theft is growing at a fast pace as well. But here, we are implementing anti spoofing, anti phishing and even 2FA in order to help and protect our users from the identity theft.

data protection

We are strict with our protocol. We maintain all kind of protection including administrative, technical and physical which are the security measures in order to provide a protection for the personal data to your personal PayPal’s custody against all the theft like misuse, loss, alteration, disclosure and unauthorized access.

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